The Team behind
the ADBB training

Antoine Guenedey

Author of the ADBB Scale

Professor Antoine Guedeney is a child psychiatrist, Doctor of Psychology and psychoanalyst,
Professor of Universities, hospital practitioner (PU-PH), Dr Antoine Guedeney was head of the child and adolescent psychiatry department at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital, Paris, and head of the child psychiatry inter-sector of the 18th district of Paris.

He was also President-elect of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH), and Editor-in-Chief of the journal DEVENIR (
He was responsible for the University Diploma (DU) in Perinatal Psychiatry ,
and of the university diploma (DU) of attachment, psychopathology and therapeutic applications, Faculty of Medicine Xavier Bichat, Paris VII Denis Diderot. He is now an active retiree, involved in training and research to develop the use of ADBB and M-ADBB in France and in the world.

Alexandra Deprez

Doctor of Psychology, certified trainer for the ADBB, expert trainer and instructionnal designer. Child and adolescent psychologist

Trained in perinatal psychopathology and different attachment assessment tools (CARE-Index, Adult Attachment Interview, Strange Situation, Crowell Procedure…) and different modalities of informed attachment and trauma therapy interventions: Theraplay, EMDR etc..In charge of pedagogy for the humagogy training center, independent researcher and lecturer

Jocelyne Guillon

Director of the Humagogie training center, instructional designer for social utility training.

Jocelyne coordinates and manages the training organization and is also the learning community manager, the administrative and technical tutor, and the disability referent for learners and trainers.
After 25 years in the world of public health, mental health, and training, in France and Canada, Jocelyne decided to create Humagogie, a way to support medical and social professionals and volunteers in the helping relationship with training by experts and an innovative pedagogy.